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Swiss Made: Milk Chocolate

By Lester Fields | October 8, 2020

Raise of hands, who DOESN’T love the velvety smooth, universally-beloved, decadent treat known as chocolate?  This humble treat has made its way into the hearts (figuratively and literally) and tummies of many around the globe as countless chocolate bars, chocolate syrup, […]

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How The Aluminium Foil Was Born

By Lester Fields | October 5, 2020

Where would we be today without the invention of the humble aluminium foil? Before moving on, you need to understand that tin foil and aluminium foil aren’t the same things. While it’s true that tin foil was the metal sheet of […]

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Jeju Fire Festival On Jeju Island

By Lester Fields | October 2, 2020

Korean culture is certainly enchanting.  On the one hand, it’s home to a rich and mystical, yet gentle culture that will rarely spark excitement. On the other hand, Korea is also home to a fiery age-old tradition which brings in massive […]

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The Most Festive Time Of The Year In Korea

By Lester Fields | September 28, 2020

While nature and food can be a wonderful photo subject, the atmosphere is where it’s at! And the end of the year calls for an atmosphere with a festive flair to it. South Korea does undoubtedly have its fair share of […]

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