Winson Teh is a managing director, a businessman, and a family man. And with over 15 years of experience in the elevator industry, it’s certainly apropos that this is the man to create Wiitrac Elevator Sdn. Bhd. — an elevator company based in Penang that was established in 2012. 

Indeed, its strategic locale does give it easy access to all major transportation networks to all parts of the country — save for Sabah and Sarawak, of course.

Wiitrac specializes in the sale, installation, testing, as well as the maintenance of a line of internationally acclaimed private home elevators. Moreover, the company has also been at the forefront of the lift industry in Malaysia since its inception.

Having said all of the above, it’s definitely unsurprising that the company was chosen to be the sole distributor of the Aritco Homelift in Malaysia.

Aritco Homelift

Touted as the first of its kind in the world, Aritco — a smart lift — is definitely a game-changer in all aspects of home improvement. The line of smart lifts offered by Aritco provides a unique, space-saving design equipped with a SmartSafety system.

The SmartSafety system, in particular, ensures that your safety will always be secured. The lift security system comes with smart doors, safety sensors, as well as safety breaks to allow you to escape even in the event of a power failure. And for customers with young children, you can breathe a sigh of relief as Aritco’s smart lift also comes with a child safety feature which will help in keeping the curious little ones out when adults aren’t present.

But other than its functional usability, Aritco is also at the forefront of the lift industry when it comes to design customisation. Homeowners are able to fully customise their chosen home lifts to suit their own preferences with DesignWall. Plus, the lighting system on all Aritco lifts may also be adjusted using the SmartLift application.

Since 2016, Wiitrac’s partnership with the international lift brand has allowed the company to extend its reach throughout the nation by launching various showrooms in Penang, Selangor, Sabah, Sarawak, and Kuala Lumpur.

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