Founded in 2018, Wiggle Boks is a Malaysian monthly subscription box service aimed at helping new mothers with babies aged up to 24 months old by supplying the basic daily necessities required by their infants.

Wiggle Boks

The idea for this subscription service came about when one of the co-founders was inspired by food subscription boxes from overseas there were unavailable or lacking in Malaysia. 

This then fueled her desire to bring a similar, working business model back to her home country, and after seeing more and more family and friends having babies, the decision was made to create a service specifically catered to mothers and babies. 

Each Wiggle Boks set contains all the basics that postnatal mothers and their infant babies require such as bottles, brushes, baby food, toys, soaps, and a myriad of other items useful for the first two years of their baby’s life. And in considering each box’s content, the team performed a small market survey among new and expecting Malaysian mothers to decide on the products, brands, and/or manufacturers that would be the most suitable for their target group.

One significant feedback that the team received was that many mothers had doubts about the service and that their main concerns were that the boxes would not be at all worth the money spent on them. Worst still, they were worried that these boxes would then clutter up their houses. 

In response, the team set forth to ensure that each box had content that would exceed the amount paid by customers. Along with that, they also started to introduce a smaller, limited introductory version of their subscription boxes called Mini Boks which were a lot more affordable.

Indeed, the biggest obstacle for Wiggle Boks is a lack of understanding and awareness of subscription box models in the country. To combat this, the company hopes to grow Wiggle Boks to make an impact within Malaysia in the sense of brand awareness and education about the concept of subscription boxes.

With their subscription service managing to sell over 500 boxes within eight months of starting up, it’s looking like there’s a very bright future ahead for Wiggle Boks. Impressively, they’ve also managed to transcend borders and attracted customers from all over neighbouring countries like Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.

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