IDeas Makeover is an award-winning online platform in which property investors may come on board to invest in a home makeover for the purpose of renting it out. The company is famed for its excellent workmanship, unbeatable pricing, and hassle-free experience. 

And the man behind this successful platform is none other than Joseph Chiu, a Sarawakian entrepreneur who established IDeas Makeover in 2015.

A One-Stop Platform for Property Investors

Here’s a short bio on the well-established entrepreneur.

Chiu was born in Sibu and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Wales, England in 2007. Even then, the lad already had an entrepreneurial mindset as he invested in his first property in 2006 while he was still a student.

Some work achievements of his includes being part of the 2012 London Olympics’ underground project, working on a two-block, 44-storied high-rise condo cum shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, as well as taking on the role as a project engineer working on the Singapore MRT expansion project.

As a keen real estate and property enthusiast, Chiu spent time travelling around his home region of Asia to gather inspiration for his passion. That is, up until he returned home to Sarawak at the behest of his father.

Following his return, Joseph started a new career helping out the family business — working as a trainee floor manager for his family’s McDonald’s outlet. During his time there, the family managed to expand its business portfolio to include three new stores in a mere five years time.

It was also this time that he decided to finally bid MCD farewell in order to repursue his love for engineering and real estate. Thus, IDeas Makeover was born.

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