Raise of hands, who DOESN’T love the velvety smooth, universally-beloved, decadent treat known as chocolate? 

This humble treat has made its way into the hearts (figuratively and literally) and tummies of many around the globe as countless chocolate bars, chocolate syrup, chocolate drinks, chocolate powder, chocolate spread, and more chocolate goodness are consumed daily.

Evidently, there’s nothing that’s more of an embodiment of chocolate culture (other than Belgium) than the Swiss variety. After all, Switzerland is one of the most well-known producers of chocolate in Europe.

Velvety Smooth Milk Chocolate, Swiss Made?

Milk chocolate by far is one of the most popular varieties of chocolate widely available today. And you guessed it, it was invented in Switzerland.

The concept of a bar of milk chocolate is a rather direct one — it’s in the name itself. Take some chocolate, add powdered milk, liquid milk, or condensed milk to it. That’s all it takes, really. The result is one of the smoothest and uber-sweet confectioneries available in the market today.

But who do the worldwide chocolate lovers have to thank for this marvellous, tasty invention? The short answer is Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter, with an assist from his neighbour in Vevey at the time, Henri Nestlé. If the name Nestlé rings a bell, well, you’re in for a ride.

In 1875, the milk chocolate formulation was finally completed after seven years of effort thanks to the milk-condensation process developed by the aforementioned Mr Nestlé.

The two men then subsequently formed a partnership which led to the birth in 1879 of the largest multinational food and drink processing conglomerate in the world today, Nestlé.

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