There’s a lot that a hotel concierge is willing to do for their faithful guests. But on the flip side, there’s a lot more in which a hotel concierge can’t or won’t do for you — particularly if the matter is unrelated to your stay at the hotel. 

What A Hotel Concierge Can’t (Or Will Not) Do For You

The root of the matter is that a hotel concierge is here to help you with the nitty-gritty of travel — all you have to do is ask (and be reasonable). Here are some of the things a hotel concierge can’t do for you.

  • Divulge Sensitive Information: Discretion is part of the job when it comes to a hotel concierge. In this case, it would do you well to avoid trying to pry the “deets” from them in regards to the other guests staying at the hotel.
  • Illegal Behaviour Is A Big No-No: This is just common sense but you shouldn’t expose a concierge to risk by asking them to do or join in on something illegal. This means no bribes, requesting narcotics, and so on.
  • Anything That Goes Beyond The Job: At the end of the day a concierge is just a job. Asking for anything beyond the realms of the hotel is highly unprofessional and reflects poorly on yourself.
  • Lend You Money: Hotel concierges aren’t your personal banks, so do not expect them to dig into their own pockets to lend you money. 
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