Who would’ve thought that the concept of skipping breakfast and instead, having a non-lunch meal would turn out to be such a lauded affair worldwide? Certainly not the linner (lunch and dinner) fans.

The Brunch Scene In Melbourne is Flourishing

Jokes aside, it’s definitely interesting to observe how brunch (a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch, if you didn’t know) has garnered acclaim from its supposedly 19th-century English roots to the globally accepted “meal” that it is today. 

In fact, you’ll also find a whole host of restaurants, cafés, and brekkie spots catering to the brunch crowds in most cities and suburban neighbourhoods around the world.

Though nothing speaks volumes about the popularity of brunch than in The Land Down Under, especially on Sundays. 

In particular, Melbourne’s brunch scene is a competitively fierce one, as anyone who’s ever tried to get their weekly weekend brunch fix can attest to. That said, manoeuvring the dozens and dozens of eateries in Melbourne can be a tad overwhelming with so many spots to pick from. That’s where the myriad of online lists of brunch spots in Melbourne comes in.

From hipster cafés to classic Australian breakfast joints to all-day diner specials, there is a multitude of places for you to join in on the brunch movement in Melbourne, Australia.

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