If you ever get the chance to visit Jaipur, take a moment to seek out and admire the spectacular architecture that is Amber Fort AKA Amer Fort. This magnificent structure gained its geographically accurate name due to its strategic location overlooking Maota Lake in Amer, found on the fringes (about 11 kilometres away) of Jaipur.

Jaipur’s Other Treasure, Apart From Hawa Mahal

Built initially by the Meenas in 1592 and later ruled by Raja Man Singh I, Amber Fort is well-known for its artistic elements which were influenced by a harmonious melding of Mughal and Hindu architecture. In particular, several of its interior buildings were influenced by the former, whereas the rest was filled in by Hindu-centric craftsmanship.

Constructed primarily by red sandstone and marble, the former palace residence hides a regal elegance within — think intricately designed ceilings, white marble flooring, sandalwood doors inlaid with ivory, wall paintings stuffed with precious jewels, and more! 

But one of the highlights of the fort has to be the Sheesh Mahal, a palace of mirrors which features reflective mosaics and coloured glass that comes alive like a glittering jewel box once light enters the room

Outside, you’ll also find large ramparts, a series of huge gates, a temple dedicated to an Indian goddess, and pretty cobbled paths adorning the 16th-century fort’s premises. 

All the above come together to create a very attractive sight indeed. In fact, the site has received much attention that it is now the top tourist attraction in Jaipur — a fact that is further proven by its inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013.

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