Each year, New South Wales plays host to a diverse selection of festivals — typically held during the summer — that will surely light up the festive spirits in you. And let’s face it, we all need a lift in our spirits in these times. 

One of which is the Fairgrounds Festival on the South Coast.

Fairgrounds Festival, South Coast

Held in the idyllic town of Berri, the Fairgrounds Festival is a literal throwback to the festivals of the 70s with gourmet food stalls, artisan markets, stripped-down intimate artist experiences, and craft workshops making up the bulk of things to do at the festival. 

With a relatively short history behind its name, the annual event hosts a carefully curated line-up of talents, both international and local alike which have included The Pinheads, Lenka, and Liam Gallagher in the past.

But the true highlight of the festival is that visitors will have the chance to experience and enjoy locally-sourced gourmet food and premium wine while indulging in a luxurious glamping experience.

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