Look in the Mirror – Shinto Golden Rule

The heart of the person before you is a mirror; see there your own formShinto version of Golden Rule

The question is what image of “our own form” do we want reflected in the mirror – the heart – of the person before us?

We can choose to “scratch” the mirror through neglect, or exploitation, or just the unthinking use of an unkind word. Or we can choose to “polish” the mirror; to encourage and empower. We can reach out; we can lift up; we can support.

One choice creates a damaged mirror that will show only distorted images of the world long after the person “before us” is no longer with us.

The other leaves a mirror that reflects the best that we have to offer, an image of compassion and caring that shines with the agapé relationship that is so well embodied in this variation on the Principle of Mutuality.

The choice is ours.