International Day of Peace – September 21

English: Painting by children, International P...

English: Painting by children, International Peace Day 2009, Geneva. Français : Peinture par des enfants, Journée internationale de la Paix 2009, Genève. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the UN International Day of Peace site: It is in the context of the Rio+20 Conference that “Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future” is the theme chosen for this year’s observance of the International day of Peace. There can be no sustainable future without a sustainable peace.

I have no expectations that everyone everywhere will put down their weapons, will set aside their prejudices, will reach out to one another today or any other day.

It is too hard for many to see their fundamental commonalities and all too easy to see their superficial differences.

Those of us who follow the Principle of Mutuality know that the latter is far outweighed by the former. It is incumbent on us to raise awareness of the Golden Rule and to champion its adoption as the guideline for peace and justice.

Not just today, but every day.

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