Golden Rule Poster in Urdu

Golden Rule texts in 13 religions translated into the Urdu language

 A few weeks ago, Scarboro Missions published the Urdu translation of the Golden Rule texts in 13 religions and it is now posted on the Scarboro site. It is estimated that close to one billion people understand spoken Urdu. The use of the Urdu language is concentrated inSouth Asia– mostly inPakistan,BangladeshandIndia. But Urdu-speaking people reside in many countries throughout the world.

The translation proved to be quite a challenge and it took us almost two years. This translation project was headed up by Shahid Akhtar, an interfaith activist and Urdu-speaking man in Mississauga. Shahid was extremely diligent in the translation process, even to the point of checking it with scholars during a trip to Pakistan. Gratitude plus to Shahid!

Shahid worked with a team of us here at Scarboro including Lucy Thorson and David Warren both of whom are linguistically skilled; each made a major contribution to the project. Lucy had previously headed up the team that translated the Golden Rule texts into Hebrew. Thanks Lucy and David!

Pervaiz Salahuddin, a friend of Shahid’s, was a great support to Shahid in the project. Pervaiz has technical skills in the realm of Urdu script and the digital reality. Pervaiz, thanks for the rescue!

The posting of the texts proved to be a major challenge for Chris Atkinson, our web master.  There were a lot of unforeseen developments in terms of the posting process but Chris handled it in his usual graceful and competent manner. Gratitude plus to Chris! 

The translation, publication and posting of these texts in Urdu is an effort to further universalize the already universal message of the Golden Rule. This is a major accomplishment!

When you click the link below, it will take you to our “Multilingual Versions” page. If you look to the left of your screen, you are given the choice of clicking one of eight languages. Urdu is listed at the bottom of this list. Here is the link:

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