Golden Rule News- Scarboro Missions Golden Rule Poster launched in Australian Parliament

Dear Golden Rule Allies:

On June 19, the Australian version of the Golden Rule Poster was launched in the New South Wales Parliament. The continent of Australia is divided into 5 regions, one of which is New South Wales. Each region has its own Parliament.

The Australia version of the Poster is published by the Columban Fathers, a group similar in focus to Scarboro Missions. Small changes were made to the poster including the inclusion of an Australian Aborigine text and symbol.

The Launch in the Parliament created an opportunity for interfaith networking as witnessed by this e-mail I received from an attendee of the launch: “Congratulations on your Golden Rule Poster, which has now been launched as an Australian version in Sydney through Patrick McInerney at the Columban Mission Institute! The launch created a wonderful opportunity for interfaith networking, which in itself is very encouraging and fulfilling.”   Jenny Proctor 

Attached is a media release outlining the launch. Below is a link to a number of photos taken at the launch.

Media Release: australian launch

Link: Click here to view Launch of The Golden Rule Poster – NSW Parliament