Floating a Golden Rule Boat

English: Fishing boat at low tide Chausey Isla...

Fishing boat at low tide Chausey Island, France(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A rising tide lifts all boats. American Proverb

I appreciate the way this metaphor speaks to our interconnectedness. But … we need to be aware of the reality the “tide” of human progress in terms of equality, justice and compassion is dependent on all of us.

The ocean’s tide is created by an outside influence – the pull of the moon. And for too long humanity has looked to an outside influence – what we often call “God” – to raise us up as well.

It doesn’t work that way.

It requires each of us, working together, to “make the boat float.” Perhaps a better analogy would be to think of ourselves as being together on a boat mired in a sandbar. The only way to continue our journey is for all of us to get out of the boat, grab hold of the ropes, and pull together until we reach deeper water.

Because it’s only together that we can make this a truly Golden Rule world.

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