Do You Hear a Buzzing?

bee eating

bee eating (Photo credit: acidpix)

When was ever honey made with one bee in a hive? Thomas Hood

We live in a society that tends to idolize individuality. And indeed, we each need to be free to pursue our own path, our own interests, and our own strengths.

But we’re also part of a society and a civilization that depends on cooperation and mutual respect to function. Without them, we’d be unable to maintain the progress and prosperity that we enjoy, even if unevenly and imperfectly.

Unlike bees, we’re far from perfect in our application of those concepts. Nor would we want to live in a culture so tightly controlled that we had only one role, one function, one purpose. Humanity has tried that model. But human beings, unlike bees, are not bred to a single purpose. There is so much diversity within us that we cannot be slotted within any one tiny definition.

Which is what makes our ability to work together all the more amazing. That we can, as individuals, set aside enough of our individuality to strive toward a common goal is a virtue that we value far too poorly.

That we recognize, even if unconsciously and poorly, the unity within our diversity, is one of our greatest strengths as a species.

And the more we work toward making that a conscious choice, and an ever-present aspect of our lives, the sooner we, working together, will make this a truly Golden Rule world.

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