Aim High… and Then Aim Higher


James Russell Lowell, Library of Congress imag...

James Russell Lowell, Library of Congress image from Brady-Handy Collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not failure, but low aim, is crime. James Russell Lowell

For the most part, I agree with Lowell. There are times when we need to “shoot for the stars and be satisfied with the moon.” And I would interpret this quote to mean that we should never be content to set our goals too low.

However, we also need to cultivate the habit of setting attainable goals. We need to realize that when we first begin to act on the Golden Rule in more deliberate ways that it will take time and practice to accomplish everything that we hope for.

If we’re unrealistic in our aspirations, then, like New Year’s resolutions, we may all too quickly abandon the effort altogether.

We need to remember that each goal we set is only a single step in our journey. When we take that step we’ll set a new goal; one that’s just a little higher, a little more challenging than the last. And when we accomplish that goal we’ll set another.

One day, we’ll look back along the path we’ve taken and be amazed at how far we’ve travelled. And when we look ahead, we won’t be daunted by how far we have to go. Instead, we’ll be encouraged by how high our aim, adjusted ever upward, has already taken us.



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