A Single Action

English: Photo of American poet/professor Jame...

English: Photo of American poet/professor James Russell Lowell in his later years. Scanned from Letters of James Russell Lowell edited by Charles Eliot Norton. Published by Harper & Brothers, 1894. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)PRinc

All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action. James Russell Lowell

Any action, no matter how small, that’s taken out of the belief in the Principle of Mutuality is “lovely.” And all of our actions taken together are what move us toward that Golden Rule world we all seek.

We can start with a kind word; then we can challenge ourselves to speak out against unkind words.

We can refuse to raise our hand against another when provoked; then we can summon our courage to intervene when someone else seeks to strike at the weak or defenseless.

We can offer a scrap of bread to one hungry soul; then we can begin to bake loaves to share with a crowd.

Each and every time we act, we are encouraged to act again.

The challenge is to begin.





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