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The Most Festive Time Of The Year In Korea

By Lester Fields | September 28, 2020

While nature and food can be a wonderful photo subject, the atmosphere is where it’s at! And the end of the year calls for an atmosphere with a festive flair to it. South Korea does undoubtedly have its fair share of […]

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The Elastic Flexibility Of Swiss Made Cellophane

By Lester Fields | September 25, 2020

Ever wondered who was the genius behind the simple, thin, clear food packaging material known as Cellophane? The answer lies with a Swiss chemist by the name of Jacques E. Brandenberger. Cellophane & Its Corresponding Products In the early 1900s, Bradenberger […]

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The Man Behind IDeas Makeover

By Lester Fields | September 23, 2020

IDeas Makeover is an award-winning online platform in which property investors may come on board to invest in a home makeover for the purpose of renting it out. The company is famed for its excellent workmanship, unbeatable pricing, and hassle-free experience.  […]

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No-Nos A Concierge Can’t Do For You

By Lester Fields | September 21, 2020

There’s a lot that a hotel concierge is willing to do for their faithful guests. But on the flip side, there’s a lot more in which a hotel concierge can’t or won’t do for you — particularly if the matter is […]

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